Why BlackHouse?

5 May 2013

BlackHouse was born and I begun selling my Harris Tweed Bags back in 2002, and I'm often asked why I choose this name for my business, well it's quite simple. When I was wee I was more than a little bit fascinated by these amazing and really, really cute croft houses that are mostly found in the Outer Hebrides. They were to my mind the perfect home with heathery roofs weighted down with stones and old fishing nets, really thick walls with deep set little windows, a roaring fire, the cutest little beds, and with a Loom to weave my beloved Harris Tweed in the house and not outside in a shed. It was as if they were built just for me. I remember a particular BlackHouse not far from my Grandparents house on Lewis that I was particularly fond of and would visit it as often as I could wishing I lived there!

So when I started my business designing and making beautiful Harris Tweed Bags over 10 years ago now there was always only going to be one name for me "BlackHouse" (Tigh Dubh in Gaelic).  And BlackHouse has now become a name that customers in the UK and Worldwide know and recognise for exquisite Harris Tweed Bags & Luggage.  And to be honest the strange fascination has never left me, I still love these traditional Hebridean Croft Houses like the one in the picture below, but who wouldn't?!



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