This is why we love to use Harris Tweed

for our BlackHouse Bag Collection

( 'Clo Mor' – 'the Big Cloth' in Gaelic)

We only use genuine Harris Tweed in all of our handcrafted handbag and luggage collections.
Harris Tweed is renowned throughout the world for its stylish looks and enduring quality, and is a completely unique fabric as it can only be made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

It is handwoven by the islanders of Harris, Lewis, Uist and Barra, from pure virgin wool that is dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

The finished wool is collected by the weavers who take it home to their 'Loom Sheds', which are usually situated beside their Crofts.

Each weaver, using traditional skills passed down through the generations, handweaves the wool to create the magical and ancient Harris Tweed cloth.

The handwoven Tweed is then returned to the mill to be washed and finished.

The finished Tweed is then inspected, authenticated and stamped by the Harris Tweed Authority with the Orb symbol certification mark.

Harris Tweed is the only cloth in the world governed and protected by an Act of Parliament, the Harris Tweed Act of 1993, and only genuine Harris Tweed bears the Orb symbol.

The famous Orb symbol on the label of all our handbags and luggage guarantees that the cloth has been certified by the Harris Tweed Authority as genuine Harris Tweed. 


Our Bag Collection is especially Handcrafted for BlackHouse using traditional methods

Each BlackHouse bag is handcut and constructed using traditional techniques ensuring the highest standards of quality throughout the collections.


Our handwoven Harris Tweeds are specially bonded onto a natural rubber layer, which makes our bags waterproof and extremely durable.

Natural Cotton Canvas

For our bag interiors a strong, natural cotton canvas is bonded to the reverse side of the natural rubber layer, to create a modern and clean interior lining.

Finest Hand Selected Leather 

To perfectly compliment our handwoven Harris Tweeds bags, we only use the highest grade leather cut from specially selected hides for all our handles and fittings.

Solid Brass Hardware

All our bag fittings are of the highest quality and are cast from solid brass, meaning they will not pit or rust over time.

Cotton Webbing

The 100% cotton webbing handles on our Harris Tweed luggage is extremely comfortable to hold, and is of military grade quality.
The original use for this particular cotton weave was designed to prevent parachute webbing breaking if damaged, so you can be assured that it is strong, durable and designed to last.