Oak Whisky Barrel Stave Bottle & Glasses Holder

Oak Whisky Barrel Stave Bottle & Glasses Holder
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This fantastic Bottle & Glass Holder has been hand crafted from a Scottish Whisky Oak Barrel.  The unique design is created from one of the oak barrel staves that make up the barrel.  It has been cleverly cut to enable you to place it over the neck of your Whisky bottle and to hang two stemmed glasses at either side of the bottle.  A beautifully unique way to display your favourite bottle of Scottish Whisky and would make a great gift for all Scottish Whisky connoisseurs.


Made from an Oak Scottish Whisky Barrel Stave

Unique markings & colour on each

Holds Whisky Bottle & Glasses (bottle and glasses are not included)

Designed & Handcrafted in Inverness, Scotland.